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Zoning Application Board Package - Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Fairfax County, Virginia

Hearing Date: 06/09/2020
Prior to the BOS hearing, proffers and development conditions are subject to change. The Board Package is published two weeks before the BOS hearing, and revisions of any documents are included in the Supplemental Board Package, which is published one week before the BOS hearing.

Minor Variations are listed separately by hearing date.

Any changes subsequent to the publication of the Supplemental Package, including revised proffers and development conditions, will be available at the hearing, or by contacting the Zoning Evaluation Division of the Department of Planning and Development at 703-324-1290.
Application Name Applicant Time Staff
Affidavit Proffers Development
PC Verbatim Map
RZ 2019-PR-017  TAMARES 7950 OWNER LLC  03:00  Pub: 04/21/2020  153870  03/26/2020  04/21/2020  05/06/2020   
PCA 88-D -005-11  TAMARES 7950 OWNER LLC  03:00  Pub: 04/21/2020  153870      05/06/2020   
SEA 94-P -040-04  TAMARES 7950 OWNER LLC  03:00  Pub: 04/21/2020  153869      05/06/2020   
AF 2019-DR-004  MANE MANOR LLC AND NORMANDY FARM LLC  03:30  Pub: 02/11/2020        03/11/2020